Laurel (laralbagoury) wrote,

Answer for question 4374.

What is your favorite Classic Disney film and why?
My favorites Classic Disney are 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Tarzan' (of course I love all of them, but I based my answer on how many times I watched them).

'Beauty and the Beast', I like Belle's character, her love for reading books, also for not falling in love with Gaston like other (stupid) girls. I like the movie's message which is “not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” I kept wondering why only the Beast was punished, I mean isn't Gaston and the Beast share same characteristics. Gaston is “handsome, rude, and conceited” like the Beast (Prince Adam), “the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” After deep thought I came up with this theory (I don't know if it's right), may be the enchantress knew from the very start that there is hope for the prince to change for the better after the punishment, unlike Gaston who had the chance to change too when the Beast forgave him, but in return he tried to kill him and that's how he met his end (in the last scene in the movie).

Also why did the enchantress place a powerful spell on the castle? And changed every one there? I think the answer is that the people in the castle, didn't try to advise him to change his character (so they are to be blamed, for not correcting the wrong around them), I mean when Belle came to the castle they started telling him “not to lose your temper”.

The only part that I disliked in this movie, is when Belle disobeyed the Beast and went to the west wing (when it's forbidden). I think she was wrong to do so, and it wasn't the Beast's fault for getting angry. But what can you say about curiosity?!!

As for 'Tarzan', I like it because of the family and the nature. In the jungle, people are not greedy or selfish, oh we must exclude Clayton from the equation. I remember that Tarzan's video tape was no longer working because I watched it many times when I was a child.
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